Henna Design Pointers

The first thing that everyone needs to remember is that henna designs will turn out to be attractive and neat only after you get good practice and experience in the same. However, keeping the following factors in mind will always help you in gaining expertise as soon as possible-

  • If you want to make a neat and perfect design, remember that consistency is very important. Ensure that the henna paste is neither too thick nor too thin. It should be thin enough to spread well on the skin without flowing like water.
  • The large-sized cone is tough to handle. Better to start with a medium-sized cone as it's easy to hold.
  • The posture of both, the person getting the art made on their body as well as the henna artist  is critical to a good design. Putting cushions under the hand adds good support. Sit in a good posture while applying henna will also avoid the danger of becoming overtired too soon.