The Art Of Drawing Henna: Tips And Tricks To Be A Pro At It

The henna art is rapidly becoming an integral part of diverse cultures spread all across the world. Be it any traditional festival or a celebration like a wedding, every country has its specific ethnic heritage and believes in celebrating the same by living up to those beautiful traditions. One of these heritages that have managed to charm and attract the attention of almost every individual worldwide is the art of applying henna. Women have started exhibiting their appreciation and love for henna quite openly now and have included it in different festivities.

Let’s explore the foundation of this art and how one can strengthen their skills in it.

Origin of henna:

Different countries including Pakistan, India, Middle East and have been practicing the  henna applying art for more than 5000 years now. Folks have been applying henna on their body since centuries as it works as a natural cooling agent. To put it straight- henna has done the job of an air conditioner in the past. People used to dip their feet and palms in the paste in order to attain relief from the heat. This procedure made them realize the fact that henna color and design is left behind on the skin. This is what suggested them to start using henna paste as a decorative and festive purpose. Since it's an inexpensive item, henna was easily affordable and accessible decorative for the people who were poor as well.

In the recent times, this art has been observed as a popular trend in the West and has only been gaining more and more popularity since the 90s. Several famous personalities like Gwen Stefani, Liv Tyler, Madonna, Xena, Yasmine Bleeth and others have been spotted with their bodies decorated with henna. This proves that the US is no stranger to this wonderful art and has accepted it well for many of its events and occasions.