Get Better At Henna Art

Knowing that ready-made cones are available today, it’s no more a hassle to create the paste and fill them in the cone. Go through this quick guide if you are inclined towards this art or want to be an incredible pro at it: • Ensure to start with small and easy designs. Practice making simple henna patterns like veils, leaves, first before trying your hands on other complex designs like peacocks, and other Arabic designs that require intricate work. • After learning vine and leaf design, focus on learning the peacock pattern. This design adds grace to the design and is ethnic. • It is significant for you to practice making attractive check designs, simple vines or floral patterns. These designs help as fillers. Other big or small peacock patterns or flowers can also be made in the same area. • Always remember to check for allergic reactions to your henna paste. This can be done by applying some henna on a small section of skin. In case the skin reacts, do not apply the paste. Also, ensure to check if the mehndi is expired or still fresh. • If the client has just waxed their skin, do not apply mehndi on the body immediately. Open skin pores will absorb the chemicals and might cause inflammation. If you follow these guidelines, no one will be able to beat you in henna applying. Get started now and see how well you succeed in this art.