How To Make Henna Paste

Every type of henna is different from one another. Where one would work well with a particular mix, the other might react with the same. It's why all the henna artists must have strong expertise and knowledge about the art and mixing skills. There is no specific way to prepare the best henna mix. However, there are some add-ons that can totally improve the results of henna.

Here are few tried and tested formulas to create a good henna mix.

  • Adding lemon juice in henna along with some water acts as a great booster. Ensure to leave this mixture overnight and then apply it next day.
  • The egg is one of the best agents to add in henna if you want to strengthen your hair from the core and make them heavier. After applying and washing, you will experience great bounce and volume in your hair apart from getting good, long-lasting color.
  • Go ahead with adding some coffee powder or black tea while preparing the henna paste. This fortifies the color of henna.

Feel free to try any of the formulas and continue with the one that suits you the best.