Diversity In Henna Designs:

Here is a list of some of the most famous henna designs. All the henna lovers can explore every style and get the best design created on their hand, feet or any section of the body to display a stylish yet traditional look. 

  • Indian Mehndi: Henna designs in this style are a blend of simple and complex designs. Simple designs generally include a big dot or figure in the center or back of the palm and the complex design showcases detailed patterns as well as outlines.
  • Arabic Mehndi: The designs in this style are way easier in comparison to the Indian mehndi designs. It generally boasts pretty shapes of flowers, vines as well as leaves. It partially covers the hand and consumes less henna paste.
  • Pakistani Mehndi: An amalgamation of Indian and Arabic mehndi designs, this style takes a lot of time to apply and showcases the flawless balance of flowery, paisley and geometric patterns.
  • Moroccan Mehndi: Inspired from the middle-east, these designs include a lot of captivating geometric patterns. It has multiple kinds and sizes of squares, rectangles, and triangles drawn on the body. One can also draw flower type patterns too surrounding the geometric figures.